Please be informed of the following facts

     There are RagaMuffin Kittens and Cats being misrepresented by people that are calling their cats RagaMuffins. If the cats, are not registered in ACFA American Cat Fanciers Assn. or CFA Cat Fanciers Assn. They are NOT authentic RagaMuffins!

     TICA currently recognizes the RagaMuffin as an experimental breed. 

     Jazzy Rags RagaMuffins takes great pride in breeding and showing only quality purebred RagaMuffin cats and kittens. All of our queens, sires and kittens are registered with the American Cat Fanciers Association and the Cat Fanciers Association cat registries.

Jazzy Rags RagaMuffins is expecting kittens in late February 2020.

The kittens listed below have gone to there forever homes.

Jazzy Rags Nicholas

Silver Shaded and White Male

DOB: Sept 29 2019


Jazzy Rags Archie, Black and White Tuxedo Male


Jazzy Rags Drew,

Red MacTabby and White Male 


Jazzy Rags Penelope,

Natural Mink and White Female 


Jazzy Rags Peyton,

Natural Mink and White Boy 


Jazzy Rags Sally,

Brown McTabby and White Female 


Jazzy Rags is retiring an award winning Breeder, Magic Potion 2yo

CH, AW Jazzy Rags Magic Potion


Jazzy Rags is the proud breeder of award winning Acadiana Dream

GC, RW, AW Jazzy Rags Acadiana Dream

Grand Champion and 20th Best Cat in GSR Region 3.

Best RagaMuffin Champion,

2nd Place Agility Winner in Region 3,

Cat Fanciers Association 2nd Best RagaMuffin Nationally for

Regions 1-9 Show Season 2018-19.



Jazzy Rags Nicholas